Your Summer Beach Guide

Published on 7/13/2023
Imagine the undulating but constant sound of the waves of the ocean rushing to the shore. You
are wearing flip-flops, walking across the hot and loose sand of the beach. With each step, you
take, your sandal dips and scoops a small palmful of grains of sand tossed about across your
toes and ankles. Even with the salty breeze rushing up from the water, the sun is hot, and it is
almost like you can feel every ray of heat radiating from the sun, plunging and pressing all
around you.
Anyone who has been woefully unprepared for a trip to the beach will know just how important
having the right gear can be. Here at Cumming Storage, we have come up with a handy guide
to keep for your beach trip checklist.
You wouldn’t show up to the beach in jeans and a sweater, but beyond colorful bathing suits
and swim trunks, what would one need to wear to the beach? It can be easy to forget things
when you are excitedly packing for the beach, but the right clothes will mean the difference
between a good time and a great time.
● Swimwear/bathing suit
● Sunhat
● Sunglasses
● Sun protective bodywear
● Sandals
● Water shoes
● A set of dry clothes
● Wetbag – a bag specifically designed to hold wet swimwear and other clothes and
It is important to protect your skin from harsh sun rays and UV light. There are lotions and balms
you can use to prevent sun damage and creams for those times you need them. Remember to
apply sun lotion frequently.
● SPF sunscreen
● Lip balm
● Hair spray for sun protection
● Aloe vera, for burns
Though it is fun to lay out on the sand and read or fall asleep, just a little barrier between you
and the sun will be imperative. Make sure you are purchasing items specifically designed for the
beach instead of the pool since these items are designed to withstand the sun and salty air.

● Beach blanket with optional stakes
● Beach umbrellas
● Beach chairs
● Beach tent
● Tote bags
● Portable safe for important electronics
● Portable charger
● Insect repellant
● Portable fans
● Sanitizers or wet wipes
● Wagon/cart
Swimming in salt water can cause dehydration, which is exacerbated by heat. Make sure you
are drinking enough water and fluids. If you choose to cook with portable cookware, check with
local ordinances to make sure it is permitted where you are.
It is a myth that you should wait to swim after eating, but at least finish eating before getting
back into the water. Take any garbage you brought back out with you.
● Water, and lots of it.
● Packed and wrapped sandwich
● Fruit or individually wrapped snacks
● A cooler, one that you can wheel behind you in the sand.
● Trash collector
● Beach coasters/beach-friendly drinkware
● Portable grill
● Portable table
Whether you want to stretch out and read the next book in the series you have invested in, or
you play a game of beach volleyball with tunes playing, there are endless activities you can do.
Collect shells and other beach bits or just take in the scenery before you. Otherwise, what you
choose to do will be up to you.
● Sand buckets and shovels
● Beach toys
● Arm floaties
● Inflatables
● Towels
● Waterproof Bluetooth speaker
When summer fun is over and it’s time to start packing up that equipment, save space by
renting a self-storage unit to help combat the clutter. Organize your items by season, so you can

quickly come back to the right things you need. Whether you need summer storage or you need
it all year long, we have room to accommodate you. Contact us today to begin.